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The Farmer's Daughters (1976)

The Farmer's Daughters (1976)I've had the genre of "XXX" on the blog for some time now, initially it was used as a short-cut to reviews for European exploitation films that feature inserts of hardcore pornography, or more specifically Joe D'Amato erotic-horror escapades. I'm looking at you Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1980) and Porno Holocaust (1981) !
Being no stranger to 1970s & 1980s XXX flicks, particularly "Roughies", I thought it's high time to talk about one, although I'm admittedly no authority on the genre!

So squeeze yourself into those daisy dukes, slip the gumboots on, dust the cobwebs off that pitchfork, and get an eyeful of THE FARMER'S DAUGHTERS.
Zebedy Colt's 1976 filthy farmyard roughie, and boy oh boy is this a grubby reminder of how extreme classic porn could be, with scenes of humiliation, gang rape, golden showers, and forced incest. It's a confounding mélange of hicksploitation, rape/revenge & absurdist comedy. And how about that poster, eh? Glorious!

Starring Gloria Leonard, Susan McBain, Philip Marlowe, Marlene Willoughby, Nancy Dare, Zebedy Colt, Bill Cort, John Black & Spalding Gray.

Shep (Zebedy Colt) and Kate (Gloria Leonard) are farm owners, and are the parents to three comely daughters. Martha (Susan McBain), Jane (Nancy Dare), and Beth (Marlene Willoughby). The film begins with the sisters peeping through their folks' bedroom window to discover their parents knocking boots. In the course of this initial sex scene between Zebedy Colt & Gloria Leonard I nearly spat my beer out laughing, as right before he erupts over Gloria's fuzzy muff, Colt groans with a put on hayseed accent, "Oh I can't take it, I just cum". His delivery of the line coupled with the frantic banjo-ing soundtrack is comedy gold. Bloody marvellous!

Amused by what they've witnessed, the sisters decide they want to try it out for themselves. Chasing down the nearest available male, Fred the farmhand (Bill Cort), one of the gals takes up her seat on his face while the other two suck & fuck him 'til he's shooting ropes; presented to you in a competently edited, multi-angled sequence. But, the chicks aren't finished, oh no, one of the sisters sucks up Fred's goo and spits it in his face. Poor ol' Fred is then tied up, has his ass whipped with a flyswatter, before all three of them proceed to verbally abuse, and piss all over him. They further threaten him to never tell their parents about their peeping.

The choice dialogue during this scene is near-pure poetry...
"You better just keep on dreaming honey cos you ate this pussy but you never gonna fuck it!"
"And you fucked this pussy but you ain't never gonna eat it!"
"We sucked your cock, and next time we gonna bite it off!"

Through the golden torrents raining down from above, Fred gargles his revenge, "You bitches, I'll get even, I swear I'll get even!".

The aforementioned scenes do offer a brief, albeit perverse dose of comedy and lightheartedness, before the narrative veers in a grim direction. Once the girls have finished emptying the contents of their bladders over Fred, we cut to three escaped convicts, George (Spalding Grey), Butch (John Black) and Pat (Philip Marlowe). We know nothing about these dudes, it's the first time we're introduced to them, and it looks as though they're having a rotten time in the wilderness. They're clad in dishevelled clothing, looking like they haven't seen a bar of soap or hot water in weeks. Pacing through the forest, acting paranoid, and drinking from streams. Their luck changes when they overhear and follow the sounds of the sisters mid-coitus with Fred, for a second time. The editing is a bit choppy here and I must admit couldn't understand if they got back into it with him, or if the film is far more intelligent than I'm giving it credit it for, and we're meant to believe the cons are in-hiding just outside during that first scene with the girls and Fred.

The power-play roles are now reversed as the sisters become the observed, with the cons now becoming the peepers who get a few ideas of their own.

The three men waste no time in taking over the farm. We're witness to a short home invasion where the cons find a rifle and take it for their own. Furthermore, in a back-room they discover Shep and Kate fucking on a deep pile shag rug, pardon the puns. The guys overpower Shep and throw Kate onto a nearby bed. George and Butch take turns with Kate, and I'm pretty sure Philip Marlowe body doubles for Spalding Grey here, which is bizarre because he does his own performing in a later scene. Underpinning this scene of gang rape is a really ill-fitting piece of cheery violin-heavy country music. Yee-haw.

With rifle in-hand the cons take the family hostage and if it wasn't already clear in your mind, it becomes stunningly obvious in the following scene why there are three daughters AND three convicts, as one of the cons decides to play a perverted game of 'Simon Says'. Cute. The girls are forced to service each man with their mouths before a grubby blanket is spread out on the grass for further fornicatin'. It's only when Fred appears at this most opportune time that there's a shift in power, and it's not for the better. Fred is still pissed off about the earlier shenanigans and is out for revenge. Now dear reader, here is where I stop with the plot breakdown. I'd happily detail every single scene of debauchery during the last act and the finale, but I actively encourage you to find a copy of this scuzz-fest and behold them yourself!

The film achieves a few pleasant frames here and there, but is predominantly shot with medium and close ups, save for a handful of satisfying zooms. My biggest gripe is with the pacing, and as a result an amount of scenes do have a tendency to outstay their welcome. I mentioned previously that there's some slick editing during several of the sex scenes, but during the climax it goes absolutely batshit, and I strongly believe in the case of the latter, the desired effect is lost from sheer excessive repetition. Sometimes less really IS more.

The acting is exactly as you would expect from a picture of this calibre, Marlene Willoughby is as always, an on-screen delight, check out those tatty daisy dukes! Zebedy Colt appears a little dazed and confused in this when compared to his off the wall role in the Death Wish (1974) "inspired" Sex Wish (1976), which was released later in the same year as this. Spalding Grey brings a memorably unique, unsettling way of pausing while delivering his lines throughout the film. I can't tell if it's purposeful to make his character appear like a truly off kilter degenerate, or if he's just reading the lines bad. Either way it's unnerving and effective.
"Never say no, to a, desperado. We're just going to, play, a few games..."
"You're calling the shots...friend...I had to take a leak anyway"

It's scuzzy, it's immoral, it's repulsive, it'll make you want to take a long shower afterwards, but most of all it's a lot of fun. You'll never see anything like this again. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, indeed!


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