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Don't Go In The House (1980)

It seems as though I forgot to post my thoughts/review for this. Anyway here they are.
A very mediocre slasher at best, it has the typical 'abused by mother = woman hating/killing' villain.

The plot concerns one Donald Kohler (Dan Grimaldi) who lives in a large house with his mother; who has actually passed away. He goes out into the big wide world, attempting to have a normal social life (something which even I lack). He usually ends up going out to find girls, bring them home only to hang them up in what appears to be a steel plated room before burning them alive with a flamethrower.
A very basic movie which attempts to be something more especially with the closing sequence, adding a somewhat supernatural element to the mix. (I could be wrong with the whole supernatural thing however...feel free to correct me)
The acting is your typical screaming girl, terrified look on her face while the killer dons the maniacal demeanor. I have to recommend this to those of you who want to complete the 'Video Nasty' list. Other than that, there are a lot better slasher movies you could be watching.

2 Stars


Nigel M said...

welcome back to blogging mate.

This is one I never saw when it came out, it may have passed me by for some reason or the local shop didnt have it.

anyhow I do from time to time tend to look up these early 80s films and nasties for nostalgia reasons. So thanks for the info on this. The nasties were a notoriously inconsistent bunch of movies anyway.

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