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Body Puzzle (1992)

Alright alright, Late posting yet again and I know this isn't a 'grindhouse' or an exploitation movie however just because Bloody Italiana closed it's doors doesn't mean I've stopped watching Gialli movies.
So last night I finally dug out a DVD I had ordered well over a year ago and had still not watched (there's also plenty more...so hopefully more reviews to follow).
What to say about Body Puzzle? Well not a lot...and what it is isn't good. So to start it's directed by Lamberto Bava...yes son of cinema legend Mario Bava. Of course if you're an avid cinemaphile you would already know that. Something you might not know however is that this film is surely Bava's weakest. It is no where near as tense as 'A Blade In The Dark' and it's definitely not as fun or as gory as 'Demons'.

I hate being the 'critic' to just bring to light all the negatives of a film however with Body Puzzle I struggled to find anything redeeming. From a shoddy script to a diabolikally (see what I did there) bad plot that somehow became so convoluted the writers obviously got themselves confused. At least lead actress Joanna Pacula was something worth looking at.

In all fairness to Bava with the successes of Macabre and A Blade In The Dark I can understand why you would continue to milk the sacred cow...however to continue to do so in 1992 is taking the piss. Even Delirium (1987) had something good worth writing about...like the size of Serena Grandi's tits.
One thing I would like to note about Body Puzzle is that our good friend Giovanni Lombardo Radice makes an interesting appearence, this time he isn't the film's whipping boy.

So for the last line...recommendations, there aren't any other than; if you want to see every giallo...I suppose you HAVE to watch it. Other than that...save your time and most importantly your money.
Until next time kiddies...

DVD: Madacy Home Video
Running Time: 95 Minutes
Extras: Preview Trailers

2 Stars


Nick Sayers said...

I didnt know Bava's son did stuff sweet. I love all the bava classics. Knives of the Avenger is prolly my fav. Yeah it looks like I may skip this film. Thanks for the review.

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