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SS Experiment Love Camp (1976)

SS Experiment Love Camp (1976)Sergio Garrone's first foray into nazisploitation and to be brutally honest, it's considerably uninspiring. SS Experiment Love Camp, also known as Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur and SS Experiment Camp.
Starring: Mircha Carven, Paola Corazzi, Giorgio Cerioni and Serafino Profumo.

First making a name for itself by being one of the most notorious during the video nasty witch hunt of a mid 80s Britannia.
Made a year before Batzella's The Beast In Heat (1977). Garrone's SS Experiment Love Camp has a marginally rich depth to its story, given the subject matter and questionable plot devices, a few off the top of my head include; torture, surgical experimentation, castration and of course love.

The picture essentially showcases atrocities taking place at an unspecified concentration camp. Female POWs are subjected to repeated raping from a selection of German soldiers, in an attempt to...umm learn something? Or perhaps aid the creation of the 'super' race, either way they're definitely taking a page out of Mengele's book. Running alongside this is a Colonel (Cerioni) who needs a new set of balls - after having them bit off/mutilated by a woman he attempted to rape, a female POW (Corazzi) who falls in love with a German soldier named Helmut (Carven), a misogynistic Sergeant (Profumo) and a doctor working against his will.

Helmut - the said soldier in love strikes a deal with Col. von Kleiben, he will volunteer to be the second subject for an experiment so long as he is allowed to stay at the base and continue seeing Mirelle (his love). Unbeknown to him the experiment is really a ball transplant for the scheming von Kleiben, culminating with Helmut going 'nuts' when he tries to make love to Mirelle and thus sets out to seek revenge against von Kleiben. To be honest, it's really in the last 10 - 15 minutes when this film comes together and truly entertains the viewer.

I have intentionally used 'friendly' images as to not have my blog reported for not having a warning for adult material. So, apologies if they are somewhat boring.

Yes dear reader, I was sadly disappointed by SS Experiment Love Camp. I hyped myself up for something sleaze-tacular and what I got was something snooze-tacular. The bad acting, bad script and low production values are only further debased by the films sluggish pace with overly long dialogue scenes, complete lack of style, direction and well sleaze - Yes there's boobs, yes there's bums, yes there's some dodgy surgery scenes, but unfortunately they are few and far between and frankly not very impressive. Seek only if you want to view the entire nasty list and if you're a nazisploitation fan you've probably already seen it.

2 Stars


Unknown said...

Oh well, as a German I find this kind of films, actually, rather superfluous.
But still, one has not drawn this lot to get such a past till this day gone after, one can find the films entertaining. And, unfortunately, German it is not granted. But there is good under these films, as for example Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS...

Anonymous said...

I watched this film for the romance between Helmut and Mirelle... why did they have to die?? They should have made a happy ending where they escaped!

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