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Sewer Chewer (2010)

James Hawley's highly enjoyable low-budget independent creature feature Sewer Chewer.

A simplistic plot that pays homage to Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968), consisting of a downed satellite landing in a rural area that begins radiating the local wildlife, creating a grotesque mutant monster that seems to have an insatiable appetite for humans. An unknown and unnamed government agency dispatches a special agent to dispose of the satellite, the monster and anyone who knows about it.

Hawley does an immense job of culling the best from a cast of complete unknowns, from what I would imagine none of them have stood in front of a camera before apart from a humorously over-acted cameo by Troma President and co-founder Lloyd Kaufman. The design of 'Chewer' is great, as are the other grisly makeup effects created by Hawley.

The images below are based on a downloaded screener copy.

The bizarre and often disorientating soundtrack coupled with frantic cinematography does an adequate job of amplifying tension. The build up sequences to a character's eventual demise felt overly drawn out, however they do eventually payoff with some hysterically brutal over-the-top gore. Oh yes, there's face ripping, jugular tearing and tentacle raping-a-plenty in Sewer Chewer. A squelchy picture that marks the new era of grindhouse cinema and I for one welcome it wholeheartedly.


Morgan said...

Seems very interesting. Thanks!

James said...

yeah, if you decide to watch it. look out for the soundtrack, it's seriously something else, at first i found it quite difficult to watch because it almost becomes too overbearing but after awhile you get used to it.

Stupid Ninja Cat said...

Got to love a good TROMA film.

Jose Cruz said...

Looks like great sleazy fun. That tagline cracked me up when I first read it.

xlpharmacy said...

I think that people of that time and I am including myself in it, had a weird fascination about looking people being killed by aliens, zombies and cannibals because if this were not true, there were not so many movies like that and had not been popular

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