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Strip Nude For Your Killer (1975)

Feeling it necessary to take a load off my mind, I turned to the aid of Andrea Bianchi's Strip Nude for Your Killer/Nude per L'Assassino.

Prior to my original viewing of this film I had a brief conversation with fellow blogger Nigel about it. How it could go either way, on one hand it's a stylish & sleazy giallo which I'm sure to lap up, the other it's a Bianchi film so it could turnout to be a complete mess. Post-viewing I realized it's not all bad but quite enjoyable in actual fact.

Beginning with a fashion model dying during an abortion, the doctor then takes her back to her house and leaves her in a bathtub. A sequence that is vital to the killers history. Soon begins a string of murders, starting with the doctor before moving to the fashion agency she worked for.
The killer's attire breaks the Giallo mold slightly, trading the traditional black trench coat and fedora style hat for leather clad motorcycle gear and helmet. A look I'm willing to experiment with come Halloween.

Strip Nude for Your Killer is, truth be told, a sleazy effort. Primarily dealing with an ideology of sex, as a road to alienation. Misogynistic at heart, however the film can quite often set its target towards male sexuality and how utterly pathetic it can sometimes be. Originating with the arse watching photographer and gradually progressing to the guy who can seemingly never make it with a real woman because he's in love with a blow up doll. Bianchi's uncompromising and less than subtle approach towards exposing manhood in it's most raw and pathetic nature no doubt tugs on a few strings with audience members, myself included.

The acting is surprisingly good, with an exciting performance from the adorable Edwige Fenech. I approached this picture with very few expectations. When it ended I was left feeling surprised and confused by the obligatory red herrings as expected, but also impressed by Bianchi's use of subtexts and stylish direction.

Though definitely not a gorefest there are a few scenes of bodily carnage towards the climax. Many of the death sequences are terribly dull, sometimes nothing more than a quick stabbing. I am compelled to give this a thorough recommendation to lovers of Gialli. It's interesting characters, intelligent subtext, enjoyable plot give it, in my opinion some real re-watch value.

As Edwige said, “Someone has stolen my legs”.
I say, "Nice Snatch!" Boom tish.

DVD: Blue Underground
Running Time: 98 Mins
Extras: Strip Nude For Your Giallo - Interview with Actress Solvi Stubing and Co-Writer Massimo Felisatti and Theatrical Trailer.


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