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I Drink Your Blood (1970)

David E. Durston's I Drink Your Blood, a film considered to be a staple in the 'Grindhouse' era and originally double billed with an earlier film titled I Eat Your Skin (1964).

A twisted yarn concerning a small township and a group of Satanist hippies reminiscent of that of the Manson Family. Following a botched ritual and leaving a local girl beaten, the hippies travel to a small and largely abandoned township with a nearby mining facility.

The group are allocated rooms in a rat's nest of a hotel, believe it or not upon entering the building they play a game of who can kill the most rats for the barbeque.
We discover that the local girl previously mentioned is the granddaughter of the elderly veterinarian and sister to the young local boy. The grandfather confronts the group about the girl to whom they proceed to violently beat and feed LSD too. The young boy comes to his rescue and decides to enact revenge, injecting rabies infected blood from a dead dog into meat pies which are soon to be served up to the posse. From here on in the film gets wild with rabid hippies running amuck, foaming at the mouth, hacking locals to pieces with machetes and axes all the while remaining hydrophobic.

Unfortunately this film does involve some animal cruelty though on no level of comparison with some of the Italian cannibal cycle.
Gore-geously shot, with an unbelievable story and a stark attention grabbing title. I Drink Your Blood is a distasteful, no budgeted exploitation flick with cheap effects and dire acting. But these are just the reasons I personally love it and if you, like me enjoy your sex graphic and violence shockingly depicted then this film is for you.


Franco Macabro said...

Sounds like fun, Ive been ignoring this grindhouse classic for too long now...

James said...

Yeah, you should totally check it out I'd like to hear what you have to say about this too.

Josh said...

this is the best thing ive come across in a long time. keep up the good work!

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